All About Land Survey Technicians 

​​Ever​​ seen people in highlighter vests and hard hats setting up tripods and cameras and equipment on the side of the road and wondered what on earth they are doing? Those are Land Survey Technicians–they do the important work of mapping out the land, determining the boundaries of sites, and providing data to support construction and engineering projects. Read on to learn more about this field and what our Land Survey technicians at Batture do. 

First things first, what is land surveying? 

Land surveying is the process of taking precise measurements with specialized surveying equipment to determine where property boundary lines are located. Using a combination of high-tech equipment such as the Carlson BRx6 base and/or rover GPS and  Nikon Prismless 5” total stations, they survey road topography and grade to determine slope in order to aid in civil design and other projects. 


Why does land surveying matter? 

Simply put, almost every property development project begins with a survey. The data gathered lays the foundation for safe, legal, and efficient construction and development projects, ensuring that structures will be built correctly and won’t encroach on anyone else’s property. Land surveying also helps gain an understanding of the topographical features of the land, such as building locations, ground cover, vegetation and tree types, which are important factors in construction planning. 

If you’ve ever wondered where your property lines are, a professional land surveyor can help you find them using a combination of property research, physical evidence and professional judgement to determine property line locations.

A legal description of your property is critical for various purposes, such as deeds, contracts, or zoning applications. It precisely identifies the boundaries and location of your land and is typically filed at the assessor’s office. If you need to find your property lines, a land surveyor is your friend. 


What does the Batture Survey team do? 

At Batture, the Survey team is made up of four professionals who handle all needs related to topographic, utility survey, boundary survey, resubdivision, construction benchmarks, elevation certificates, and finish floor waivers. Their day-to-day experience varies, with much of the work taking place in the field, braving the elements—and those of us in the Greater New Orleans area know how dramatic the elements can be. Rain or shine or summer heat advisory, they make sure the job gets done well so our partners, clients, and in-house design team are set up for success.